UPS Aunisol 1000W/2000W

The Solar hybrid Aunisol series is the ideal solution for home and small office applications, such as light, TV, computer, printer etc. where the utility power is badly supplied.

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  • Solar priority logic
  • Pure Sine Wave output
  • Phase reversal protection
  • Auto wakeup & sleep mode
  • High efficiency & longer backup time 
  • Intelligent charger ensuring more battery life 
  • 10% more solar energy by using MPPT charger 
  • Overload, short circuit protection and auto recovery
  • 3 products in one
  • Large LCD display
  • 2 years warranty (electronics)

10% more solar energy than others

With Pure Sine Wave output, true MPPT charger, intelligent charging, auto priority logic to charge from both mains and solar simultaneously, superior overload capability, longer backup time, it offers by using MPPT solar charger 10% more solar energy than others.

UPS Aunisol inverter technical

UPS Aunisol Working Priorities

Aunilec Hybrid system (solar priority logic)

During normal day operation, the connected load is powered by solar energy. If the solar energy is not strong enough, all missing energy is supplied by the batteries. If both energies are not available, the system automatically switches to normal AC supply.


kitskit N°1Kit N°2Kit N°3Kit N°4
Solar panels4x180Wp4x250Wp9x180Wp9x250Wp
• AC input (Pure Sine Wave)
Max.apparent power1000VA2000VA
Max.AC power1000W2000W
Output voltage220/230VAC +/- 5%
THD (voltage)< 5%
Frequency50/60Hz +/- 1%
Max. inverter output current9A14A
Overload in bypass mode120% for 180sec / 150% for 3sec / then the UPS shuts down
Overload in battery mode110% for 60sec / 130% for 30sec / then the UPS shuts down
• Charger
Max. PV power1000W2000W
Max. DC voltage85V120V
Max. charge current40A
Max. efficiency96%
• Battery (external)
Battery voltage24VDC48VDC
Max. AC charger6A
Max.discharge current50A
Battery capacity24VDC - 170Ah24VDC - 200Ah48VDC - 200Ah48VDC - 260Ah
High voltage alarm28,4V56,8V
Shut down voltage29,2V58,4V
Low voltage alarm22,0V44,0V
Shutdown voltage20,0V40,0V
• Environment
Protection degreeIP20
Operating temperature0-45°C
Noise emission< 50dB (1 meter from the surface)
Relative humidity0-90% (non-condensing)
Altitude< 2000m
• Communication
Communication portRS232, SNMP (optional)
• Physical (UPS)
Dimensions (WxHxD)144x210x405mm190x330x464mm
Net weight (only hybrid UPS)13kg18kg
• Safety conformance
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