UPS IRIS+RT 1-3kVA (1/1)

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The IRIS+RT is designed for industrial applications; servers, computer equipments, communication systems, security and healthcare. The multifunction LCD graphical display is reversible, simply press the "rotate" buttons to change the viewing angle, which allows to use the UPS on rack or tower.

Eco mode

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Applications UPS DatacenterApplication UPS IT serverApplication UPS healthcare

The IRIS+RT is designed for IT applications like datacenter, server rooms, communication systems or security equipments. The UPS is equiped with an internal hot-swappable battery compartment to ensure very easy and fast maintenace.


  • On-line “double conversion” technology (VFI)
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology
  • High onput power factor at 0.9
  • Internal static bypass
  • Very large input voltage range
  • Hot-swappable batteries
  • Battery backup time on LCD
  • Operation on ECO mode
  • Frequency converter mode 50/60Hz
  • Convertible design for 19” Rack or Tower
  • 2 output segments for load schedding
  • RS232, USB, Smart slot, RJ45, EPO
  • Cold start
  • Software and USB included
  • High efficiency up to 90%
  • 2 years warranty (electronics)

  • Options: SNMP adapter, relay card (dry contacts), external maintenance bypass, additional / external battery packs

Convertible Rack / Tower

The multifunction graphical LCD display is reversible for Rack and Tower use.  

UPS IRIS+RT rack/tower

UPS IRIS+RT LCD Display Rack

Multifunction LCD graphical display

The display is convertible for Rack and Tower use. It showsinput, output, battery and user helpfulle parameters.

Power (VA,Watt)1000VA / 900W1500VA / 1350W2000VA / 1800W3000VA / 2700W
• Input
Voltage range110-290VAC
Frequency45-55Hz to 50Hz / 55-65Hz to 60Hz (automatic)
Power supplySingle phase
Power factor> 0,98
Power plugIEC320 C13-10AIEC320 C13-10AIEC320 C13-10AIEC320 C20-16A
Power cordIEC320 C14-10AIEC320 C14-10AIEC320 C14-10AIEC320 C19-16A
• Output
Power factor0,9
Voltage regulator+/- 2%
Frequency (sector mode)46-54Hz to 50Hz / 56-64Hz to 60Hz
Frequency (battery mode)50/60Hz +/- 0,02Hz
EfficiencyAc mode : 90%, ECO mode : > 95%
Harmonic distortion THDi≤ 3% THD (linear load), ≤ 5% THD (no-linear load)
WaveformPure sine wave
Outlets (2segments)(IEC C13-10A)x6(IEC C13-10A)x6(IEC C13-10A)x6

(IEC C13-10A)x6

(IEC C19-16A)x1

Overload capacity30s at 100% to 150% and 300ms >150%
• Efficiency
ON LINE mode75-100% load > 88%
Battery mode75-100% load > 92%
ECO mode75-100% load > 95%
• Battery (internal)
(12V batteries) TypeVRLA
Voltage12V9Ah x 212V9Ah x 312V9Ah x 412V9Ah x 6
AutonomyRemaining time on LCD
Reload time at 90%5 hours
Charge current1A
Nominal voltage24VDC36VDC48VDC72VDC
Load mode3 progressive steps
ProtectionOvervoltage / overcurrent / undervoltage
•Transfer time
Mains <---> Battery0ms
Mains <---> Bypass< 4ms
• Indicator
LCD (with LED)load / battery / input / output / working mode
• Physical
Dimensions (WxDxH), mm440x430x86,5(2U)440x430x86,5(2U)440x572x86,5(2U)440x696x86,5(2U)
Weight, (kg)13,716,22229,2
• Environment
Humidity0-90°C (non-condensing)
Noise< 55dB at 1m
• Interface
RS232 / USBFree software (Windows, Linux, Mac)
Intelligent slotOptional SNMP (independant of the RS232 port) or relay / AS400 card
• Battery pack (additional)
Dimensions (WxDxH), mm440x430x86,5(2U)440x430x86,5(2U)440x572x86,5(2U)440x696x86,5(2U)
Weight, (kg)19,52532,846,3

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