MultiNET_ATS Static Transfer Switch 32A/63A/120A

The MultiNET_STS static transfer switch 63A/120A is designed for 19" rack cabinet. Can be powered with 2 differents UPS and provides protection against load and power supply failures.

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Application UPS IT serverApplication UPS Datacenter


  • Uninterruptible transfer between the independent sources
  • Input voltage : 220/230/240VAC 1F+N+Earth
  • Input voltage range : 180/264VAC Ph-N
  • Input frequency : 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Source priority selection
  • Increase power quality
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Power redundancy
  • Internal manual bypass
  • Automatic static switch
  • Transfer time : ≤ 4ms for synchronous sources and : ≤ 10ms for non-synchronous sources
  • RS232 standard and STS NET TCP/IP option
  • Easy static and mechanical transfer to input sources
  • Current distortion level less than 1%
  • Remote management the power events
  • Power event logging
  • For 19” rack cabinet
  • 2 year warranty (electronics)

  • Option: Hot swap 

The Digital LCD display showing input/output power connected to load.

Designed for 19" rack cabinet

Very flexibility to use.

Version 63A -> 2U

Version 120A -> 3U

MultiNET_ATS Rack 19

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