UPS IRIS+ 6/10kVA (1/1)

Parallel redundancy mode

Up to 4 IRIS+ systems can be connected in parallel to get maximum power capacity. Only one battery is necessary in the parallel redundancy mode.

Estimated remaining time (LCD)

The LCD display shows an estimation of the remaining battery backup time.


- On-line “double conversion” technology (VFI)

- DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology Internal static and manual bypass breaker 

- Input Power Factor up to 0.99

- Wide input voltage range 

- Up to 4 units in parallel 

- Battery (DC) cold start

- Common or separate battery in parallel mode

- Charging current 1-10A

- Selectable battery voltage (16/18/20 batteries)

- ECO-mode for energy saving 

- Site wiring fault indication

- Self testing at UPS startup 

- Intelligent management through RS485, USB, DB9

- Backfeed protection

- Options: SNMP adapter , Relay card (dry contacts) , Additional / external battery packs, IRIS+ 6/10kVA version (3/1)

- 2 years warranty

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