AESA ECO - Alternative current power sources for emergency lighting

AESA - Alternative current power sources for emergency lighting. Wall mount range 230VCA - 250VA to 1000VA. Standards: EN50171 / NFC 71815.

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  • Standards: EN50171 / NFC 71815
  • Wall mount range 230VCA - 250VA to 1000VA
  • Battery protection by a deep discharge limiting device
  • Graphic display controlled by microprocessor and alpha numeric
  • Integrated battery test
  • 1 hour autonomy (standard)
  • 4 protected starts by HPC fuse

  • Options: BC panic Remote control panel

BC Panic (optional)

Getting voluntary sleep mode mood lighting (separate enclosure) Combined with a permanent central source, it switches the mood lighting (panic) permanent in non-permanent mode. Recovery in continuous operation can be done at any time manually or automatically on disappear sector.

Remote Control Panel (optional)

The alarm report box includes 4 free entries relay contact associated with LEDs on the front.

Graphic display AESA Aunilec

• Input
Tolerance190 to 253Vac
Current max.1,5A2,7A4,1A5,4A
• Output
Voltage230 V (190÷253) on mains ; 230 V ± 2 % on battery
Distortion<2% linear load
Current (on mains)1,1A2,2A3,3A4,3A
Current (on battery)1,1A2,2A3,3A4,3A
Frequency50Hz (47÷53) on mains ; 50Hz ± 0.01% on battery
• Power
Nominal in VA250VA500VA750VA1000VA
Active power200W400W600W800W
Efficiency>95% on mains ; 86% on battery
Overload eligible120% infinite ; < 150% while 10 min ; >200% while 3s with automatic restart after 30 s for 3 times consecutive
Crest factor3:1
• Battery load
Current consumptionPur Sine THD < 8%
Nominal voltage60Vdc
Working voltage45÷70Vdc
Charging current0,5÷5Adc programmable
Charging methodat constant current
Voltage compensation (optional)-3mV * n°elt / °C
Reload80% of capacity < 12H
Battery protectionHigh voltage, low voltage = electronic, battery fault = electronic, short circuit = fuse
• Battery
Nominal voltage60Vdc
Bloc number 12V5
ProtectionHigh voltage = electronic with isolation Low voltage = electronic with isolation <0.2 A Short circuit = fuse, reverse polarity = electronic + fuse
Additional connectionPolarized connector
ReplacementHot, without stopping the central source
Sizing+20 % of declared capacity
Autonomy60 min (standard)
• Protection
OutputOverload, short circuit = electromechanical, high voltage, low voltage = electronic
SystemHigh temperature = electronic, high battery, low = electronic Stop at minimum battery voltage = electromechanical, Emergency stop, total shutdown, isolation fault, Inverter locked, battery charger blocked, Reverse battery = electronic
ExternalBattery cooling and charger fault = electronic
• Indication
OperationLed with automatic restoration
AlarmsLed, memorized with manual restore
graphic displayWith three-state icon
Remote controlPotential-free contacts 250Vac/ 150Vdc 1A
ButtonTest led, battery test, buzzer stop, restore memorized alarms
• General datas
Noise< 30dB at 1 meter
Working temperature0 to 40 °C
Storage temperature-10 to 55 °C
Humidity without condensing<90%
Thermal dissipation10 ÷ 30 W /h (on mains) ; 80 ÷ 120 W/h (on battery)
Dimensions base unit (LxDxH)425 x 195 x 575 mm425 x 195 x 710 mm
Base unit weight without battery28kg29kg
Weight with battery41kg53kg58kg71kg
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