UPS IRIS+ 6/10kVA (1/1)

The IRIS+ is designed for healthcare and IT server applications. The multifunction LCD graphical display shows an estimation of the remaining battery backup time.

Eco mode 

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Application UPS IT serverApplication UPS healthcare


  • On-line “double conversion” technology (VFI)
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology
  • Internal static and manual bypass breaker
  • Input Power Factor up to 0.99
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Up to 4 units in parallel
  • Battery (DC) cold start
  • Common or separate battery in parallel mode
  • Charging current 1-10A
  • Adjustable battery voltage (16/18/20 batteries)
  • ECO-mode for energy saving
  • Site wiring fault indication
  • Self testing when UPS startup
  • Intelligent management through RS485, USB and DB9
  • 2 years warranty (electronics)

  • Options: SNMP adapter, relay card (dry contacts), central monitoring card external maintenance bypass, additional / external battery packs, IRIS+ 6/10kVA version (3/1)

Estimated remaining time (LCD)

The LCD display shows an estimation of the remaining battery backup time.

Parallel mode

Up to 4 IRIS+ UPS systems can be connected in parallel to get maximum power capacity. Only one battery is necessary with the parallel redundancy mode.

Power (VA/Watt)6000/540010000/9000
• Input
Nominal voltage220/230/240VAC, optional 380/400/415VAC (3/1)
Input voltage range120-276VAC (1/1), optional 208-478VAC (3/1)
Frequency40-70Hz (auto-sensing)
Input power factor≥ 0,99
Bypass voltage range-45% / +15%
Harmonic distortion≤ 5% at 100% non-linear load
• Output
WaveformPure Sine Wave
Harmonic distortion (THD)< 2% at 100% linear load
Frequency+/- 1/2/4/5/10% of the rated voltage (optional) / 50Hz +/- 0,2% (battery mode)
Voltage stabilization+/- 2%
Crest factor3:1
Efficiency at 75-100% load> 92% (AC mode) / > 95% (battery mode) / > 97% (ECO mode)
• Battery (internal)
Standard backup time (internal battery)10min at nominal power & PF=0,77min at nominal power & PF=0,7
Power of the internal charger1-10 adjustable
• Protection
Input / Output protection againstOverload - temperature - short circuit
Overload capacity AC mode/Battery mode≤ 110% load 3min/30sec, ≤125% load 30sec/3sec, ≤ 150% load 1sec/200ms
• Alarms
Audible alarmBattery backup, battery low, overload status, fault status
LEDMains, inverter, bypass, fault, battery level
LCDInput and output voltage, load, battery voltage, error codes
• Bypass
TypeInternal static (automatic) and manual bypass / External bypass optional
• Environment
Temperature / altitude / humidity0-40°C / less than 1500m / 0-95% non-condensing
Audible noise at 1m< 50dB
• Interface
StandardUSB / RS485 (software included) / DB9 (opto-coupler)
OptionalSNMP card / parallel card / centralized monitoring card / relay card
• Dimensions
Weight (with internal batteries)70kg80kg
WxDxH (UPS)250x510x620mm
WxDxH (Battery cabinet)250x600x620mm
StandardCE-Certificate, EN/IEC 62040-2, EN/IEC 6240-1, GOST Russia
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