AST series static capacitor banks

Static power factor correction serie AST with self anti-harmonics.

THDi ≤ 85%

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Static power factor correction equipment differs from the standard equipment for the following reasons: 

  • The reactive power regulator has a switching time of the banks extremely quicker than the standard regulator.
  • The device for switching the capacitors banks is electronic, controlled by thyristors, with the capability of switching the capacitors at zero crossing.

Static switching by thyristors has the following advantages:

  • Maximum speed in switching the capacitors banks (the total power is switched in less than one second)
  • No current peak on the capacitors at the time of switching of the banks
  • No voltage peak on the capacitors at the time of switching off the banks
  • Elimination of deterioration of the contacts of the standard contactors
  • Noise reduced to a minimum
  • Reduced handling
  • Prolonged capacitor life

Technical characteristics

  • Rated voltage: 400Vac
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz (60Hz on request)
  • Voltage of auxiliary circuits: 110Vac
  • Working temperature range: -5°C/+50°C
  • Cubicle: 20/10mm sheet steel, protected against corrosion by a phosphating treatment. Epoxy powder painted, RAL 7035 color (other colors on request) External Protection Degree: IP30 Locking system: by key
  • Ventilation: Forced
  • Isolating switch: Three-pole with door interlocking device
  • Supplying: Entry of the cable from the bottom
  • Wiring: By N07VK CEI 20-22 flame retardant cables. Auxiliary circuits are identified as in the electrical drawing
  • Fuses: Each capacitor banks is protected by a set of three fuses (NH00 type) with high breaking capacity. Also the auxiliary circuits are protected by fuses.
  • Activation: Thyristors zero-crossing static devices
  • Capacitors 550 Vac Series Single phase of type self-heating, made up of metalized polypropylene, equipped with overpressure safety device and discharge resistor. Filling: biodegradable non toxic dry type, PCB free. Manufactured using new technologies of metallization. Delta connection. Capacitance tolerance: -5% +10% Dielectric losses: <0.3W/kvar Temperature class: -25°C (55°C)
  • Self blocking resonant frequency: Tuning frequency 180Hz (3,6=7,7%)
  • Regulators: Varmetric measurement by means of a C.T. (Current Transformer) (secondary 5A) not supplied
  • Reference Standards: Complying with: L.V. 73/23 (93/68) EEC Directive Capacitors: CEI EN 60831-1/2 Equipment: CEI EN 60439-1
  • Options (on request): Protection and Control Instrument SPC2 Protection Degree: IP40 - IP55 Entry of the cable from the top

Network: 400Vac 50Hz THDiL ≤50%. THDVMAX 6%

Blocking reactors: 180Hz (3,6=7,7%)

Capacitors: 550Vac 50Hz, THDi ≤85%


WxDxH mm


kVAR - 400V














kVAR - 415V

ASTPFL-100 610x610x176010020-40-405250PFC12ST144300107
ASTPFL-140 610x610x176014020-40-807400PFC12ST201320150
ASTPFL-160 610x610x176016040-40-804400PFC12ST230340171
ASTPFL-200 610x610x176020040-80-805630PFC12ST288360214
ASTPFL-240 610x610x196024040-40-80-806630PFC12ST354400257
ASTPFL-280 610x610x196028040-80-80-807630PFC12ST403450300
ASTPFL-320 610x610x216032040-40-80-1608800PFC12ST460510342
ASTPFL-360 610x610x216036040-80-80-1609800PFC12ST518570385
ASTPFL-400 610x610x236040040-40-80-80-80-80101250PFC12ST576630428
ASTPFL-440 610x610x236044040-80-160-160111250PFC12ST633660471
ASTPFL-480 610x610x236048080-80-160-16061250PFC12ST691690514
ASTPFL-560 1220x610x196056080-160-160-16072x800PFC12ST806820599
ASTPFL-640 1220x610x196064080-80-160-160-16082x800PFC12ST921950685
ASTPFL-720 1220x610x216072080-160-160-160-16092x1250PFC12ST10361060770
ASTPFL-800 1220x610x216080080-80-160-160-160-160102x1250PFC12ST11521180856
ASTPFL-880 1220x610x236088080-160-160-160-160-160112x1250PFC12ST12671290942
ASTPFL-960 1220x610x236096080-80-160-160-160-320122x1250PFC12ST138214001027