AESA - Alternative current power sources for emergency lighting

AESA - Alternative current power sources for emergency lighting

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  • Standards: EN50171 / NFC 71815
  • Complete range EN 230 VCA of 1000VA to 8000 VA
  • Battery protection by a discharge limiting device
  • LCD display controlled by microprocessor
  • Integrated battery test
  • 6 hours autonomy

  • Options: BC panic Remote control panel

BC Panic (optional)

Getting voluntary sleep mode mood lighting (separate enclosure) Combined with a permanent central source, it switches the mood lighting (panic) permanent in non-permanent mode. Recovery in continuous operation can be done at any time manually or automatically on disappear sector.

Remote Control Panel (optional)

The alarm report box includes 4 free entries relay contact associated with LEDs on the front.

REFERENCESPower PF=0,8Dimensions (WxDxH) mmWeight kgBattery type
AESA 10-1H_AS1000VA900x500x91011024Ah
AESA 15-1H_AS1500VA900x500x91013045Ah
AESA 20-1H_AS2000VA900x500x91015055Ah
AESA 25-1H_AS 


AESA 30-1H3000VA900x500x91024080Ah
AESA 35-1H3500VA900x500x910250100Ah
AESA 50-1H5000VA900x500x910350150Ah
AESA 65-1H6500VA355x835x1315380200Ah
AESA 80-1H8000VA355x835x1315420220Ah
AESA 10-6H1000VA355x835x1315350160Ah
AESA 15-6H1500VA355x835x1315380200Ah
AESA 20-6H2000VA355x835x1315400220Ah
AESA 25-6H2500VA355x835x1315450270Ah

Other power, voltage, autonomy on request. ! (

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