Serie DPS

Absolute reliability and performance

To ensure its compatibility with the most demanding applications, the Aunilec DPS system can withstand a high short-circuit current, in order to guarantee the selectivity of the downstream protections. The fully DIGITAL microprocessor logic controls the power conversion, supervises operation, supports the system and modifies the parameters in case of component failure to assure power supply to the load. 

If the load is highly distorted, the high frequency switching and the DPS loops support the system by keeping THD low. The Aunilec digital UPS units are fitted with a modern IGBT technology and a PWM modulation allowing to obtain a pure sinusoid output wave as required by the strictest standards contained in IEC EN 62040 class VFI-SS-III. 

Ventilation may be redundant, allowing to keep a rated output load only using one half of the fans. The air flow sensors detect the ventilation drop and immediately trigger an alarm, allowing to replace the damaged fan. 


 - Clean and stable DC on battery with ripple voltage peak

- Pure VFI-SS-III output sinusoid wave as provided for by the IEC/CEI EN 62040 standards 

- Redundant fan system with temperature and air flow control 

- 5 automatic charging modes 

- Manual charging mode for open cup batteries 

- Adjustable times and alarm thresholds 

- Temperature compensation programmable on the charging voltage to extend the battery life. 

- Double digital microprocessor control (DSP + PLD) for rectifier and inverter, ensuring maximum reliability 

- Full optical isolation on all the logic and interface cards. 

- Modbus communication interface through RS232 or RS485 port. 

- Ethernet connectivity. 

- Optional FALCON battery control system. 

- Separate DSP for rectifier and inverter to improve reliability. 

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