ARFDin 12V, 24V, 48V and 110V

The AFRDin range is a family of cleaning supplies to single-voltage direct current, especially designed for mounting on DIN rail.

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  • Metal housing with DIN rail mounting
  • Input voltage 90 to 264 VAC single-phase 115/230 VAC PFC and phase with internal switch (depending on model)
  • Supply 230 to 400 Vac three phase
  • Frequency from 47 to 63Hz
  • Voltage: 12, 24,48 or 110Vdc +/- 5%
  • Adjustable voltage with external potentiometer
  • This range is convertible into regulated battery charger and filtered on request
  • Output regulation: ± 2%
  • Residual ripple <200 mV
  • Typical efficiency> 83%
  • Equipped with non-return diodes (DC models)
  • Remote Alarm (G models)
  • Green LED signaling: presence output voltage Input / Output: 3750 Vac Input / ground: 1750 Vac Output / ground 500Vdc
  • Input protection fuse, limiting the inrush current and RFI filter
  • Protection against output short circuits, against overloads and against surges
  • Operating Temperature -10 to + 60 ° C
  • Natural convection except for the powers of 960W, 1200W and 1500W
  • Standards: EN60950, UL / CSA, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-3-2 Class A and CE marking

According to the model the input network can be 115 VAC, single phase 230 VAC, 230 VAC or 400 VAC three phase. The power factor correction (PFC) according EN61000- 3-2 Class A is also integrated. Compact and powerful, this series has the UL, C-UL and CE marking. This series is ideally suited for all electrical applications like electronic enclosures and the automation industry in general.

Specially designed for DIN rails

The AFRDin range is a family of cleaning supplies to single-voltage direct current, especially designed for mounting on DIN rail.

REFERENCESInput voltageOutput voltage (V)Output currentDimensions DxHxW,mm
• 60W

ARFDin 12M5Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)12VCC5A140x106x50
ARFDin 24M2,5Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)24VCC2,5A140x106x50
ARFDin 48M1,25Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)48VCC1,125A140x106x50
• 120W
ARFDin 12M8Single-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)12VCC8A140x125x50
ARFDin 24M5Single-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)24VCC5A140x125x50
ARFDin 48M2,5Single-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)48VCC2,5A140x125x50
ARFDin 12T8SThree-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)12VCC8A140x125x50
ARFDin 24T5SThree-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)24VCC5A140x125x50
ARFDin 48T2,5SThree-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)48VCC2,5A140x125x50
ARFDin 12T8Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)12VCC8A140x125x50
ARFDin 24T5Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)24VCC5A140x125x50
ARFDin 48T2,5Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)48VCC2,5A140x125x50
• 240W
ARFDin 12M15Single-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)12VCC15A140x170x50
ARFDin 24M10Single-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)24VCC10A140x170x50
ARFDin 48M5Single-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)48VCC5A140x170x50
ARFDin 12T15SThree-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)12VCC15A140x170x50
ARFDin 24T10SThree-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)24VCC10A140x170x50
ARFDin 48T5SThree-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)48VCC5A140x170x50
ARFDin 12T15Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)12VCC15A140x170x50
ARFDin 24T10Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)24VCC10A140x170x50
ARFDin 48T5Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)48VCC5A140x170x50
• 480W
ARFDin 12M30Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)12VCC30A80x133x246
ARFDin 24M20Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)24VCC20A80x133x246
ARFDin 48M10Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)48VCC10A80x133x246
ARFDin 110M4Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)110VCC4A80x133x246
ARFDin 12T30SThree-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)12VCC30A80x133x246
ARFDin 24T20SThree-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)24VCC20A80x133x246
ARFDin 48T10SThree-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)48VCC10A80x133x246
ARFDin 12T30Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)12VCC30A80x133x246
ARFDin 24T20Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)24VCC20A80x133x246
ARFDin 48T10Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)48VCC10A80x133x246
• 960W
ARFDin 12M60Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)12VCC60A80x264x246
ARFDin 24M40Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)24VCC40A80x264x246
ARFDin 48M20Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)48VCC20A80x264x246
ARFDin 110M8Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)110VCC8A80x264x246
ARFDin 12T60SThree-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)12VCC60A80x264x246
ARFDin 24T40SThree-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)24VCC40A80x264x246
ARFDin 40T20SThree-phase 230VCA (180-264VCA)48VCC20A80x264x246
ARFDin 12T60Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)12VCC60A80x264x246
ARFDin 24T40Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)24VCC40A80x264x246
ARFDin 48T20Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)48VCC20A80x264x246
• 1200W
ARFDin 24M50Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)24VCC50A80x264x246
ARFDin 48M25Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)48VCC25A80x264x246
ARFDin 110M11Universal single-phase (90-264VCA)110VCC11A80x264x246
ARFDin 24T50Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)24VCC50A80x264x246
ARFDin 48T25Three-phase 400VCA (340-576VCA)48VCC25A80x264x246
• 1500W
ARFDin 24M60Single-phase 230VCA (94-264VCA)24VCC60A80x264x246
ARFDin 48M30Single-phase 230VCA (94-264VCA)48VCC30A80x264x246
ARFDin 110M13Single-phase 230VCA (94-264VCA)110VCC13A80x264x246