Serie RDC

Power supply systems for industrial environments

RDC, the battery charging rectifier, is an energy converter for industrial use designed to ensure a constant power supply in association with the batteries. Using different types of connections and operating criteria, and building on the experience gained in the last 40 years, our partner can fulfil any request while ensuring a high system efficiency. The series of rectifiers and battery chargers for industrial use is based on total control 6- or 12-pulse thyristor bridges. We can supply a wide range of systems with voltage output from 24 V DC to 220 V DC and current output up to 1000 A. The equipment is installed inside stand-alone, self-supporting cabinets. The frame and the panels are made of steel. The protection degree is IP 30 (up to IP42 upon request) and IP 20 when the panels are open; access to the equipment is from the front. The equipment is designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with the applicable IEC regulations. 


- Clean and stable output DC current with ripple voltage peak-peak value <1% 

- Redundant fan system with temperature and air flow control. 

- 5 automatic charging modes. 

- Manual charging mode. 

- 4 adjustable voltage levels (the rectifier can operate as a power supply at the rated voltage or as a battery charger. 

- Adjustable times and alarm thresholds. 

- Temperature compensation programmable on the charging voltage to prolong the battery life. 

- Digital microprocessor control (DSP + PLD). 

- Full optical isolation on all the logic and interface cards. 

- Low input harmonic distortion with the twelve-phase bridge and the optional input filter. 

- Certified to withstand the harshest environment conditions. 

- Efficiency exceeding 90% (low-frequency transformer included). 

- Modbus communication interface through RS232 or RS485 port. 

- Ethernet connectivity. 

- Optional FALCON battery control system. 

- “H class” input isolation transformer.

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