UPS ARES RT Rack/Tower 1000-3000VA

The ARES RT series, are designed focusing on the IT market. They are very efficient UPS when it comes to feed and protect computer loads and/or IT equipment (servers, PC network, professional NAS, even complex network devices, etc.) 

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  • Pure sine wave output
  • Output power factor 0.8
  • DSP digital control
  • Boost and Buck AVR for voltage stabilization
  • Auto sensing frequency
  • Adjustable charging current and battery shutdown point
  • Settable ECO mode and no-load shutdown
  • Humanized alarm system
  • Power-on self test
  • Cold start
  • Auto restart when mains power is restored
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Automatic charging in OFF mode
  • USB, RJ45 series 

  • Option : AS400/SNMP


Servers, PC and workstation, ICT equipment (Information & Comunication Technology), alarm technology, security and video surveillance systems, automation systems, electrical equipment that needs perfectly sinusoidal power supply (motors, transformers, pumps, etc.). 


The ARES RT series, are designed focusing on the IT market. They are very efficient UPS when it comes to feed and protect computer loads and/or IT equipment (servers, PC network, professional NAS, even complex network devices, etc.)  The large front LCD display,  allows you to keep track of the operation of the machine and at the same time to have all the information about the power supply and the connected load, as well as providing accurate information on the status of the batteries and its available autonomy. Performances of these machines are remarkable: besides the standard connection with the PC and server through the USB port, there are also other hardware and software solutions available to interface all operating systems and to implement power redundancies. This models can also be used in working places different from the IT world: in fact they are able to power typically industrial loads as well without disturbances or interferences, protecting users remaining immune to disturbances.


LINE INTERACTIVE technology with sinusoidal waveform output, provides excellent protection to all computer loads and to the utilities which feature a switching power supply input. However, it can safely feed also more “demanding” loads such as transformers, motors, pumps etc. where the switching time between the main supply and the inverter must not affect the operation load. Compared to the STEP-WAVE models, the sinusoidal waveform creates less noise, and it is more indicated to feed delicate and sophisticated equipment. 

TechnologyLine interactive
ClassificationVI-SS-122 according to EN 62040-3
• Main mode
Input voltage (Vac)175 ÷ 290
Input frequency (Hz)45-65 Hz (outward this range, ups works in battery mode)
Output voltage (Vac)200 ÷ 240 selectable
AC efficiency98%
• Battery mode
Output voltage (Vac)230 ± 5% (selectable from 200 to 240)
Output frequency (Hz)50 / 60 ± 0,3Hz with automatic selection
Output SinewavePure sinewave
Output waveform distortionWith linear load ≤ 5%
Transfer time (msec)Typical 5ms, Max 8ms
• Alarms
Power failureReport every 4sec, automatic silencing after 60sec or manual
Overload in main mode≤110% shut down within 120sec; ≤125% within 60sec; ≤150% within 10sec
Overload in battery mode≤110% shut down within 60sec; ≤125% within 10sec; ≤150% immediate shutdown
Short circuit≥20ms automatic shutdown of the system, protection with fuse

• Battery

Voltage (Vdc) / number24/236/348/4
Recharge time90% of the capacity after 8 hours
Autonomy (typical load 70%/half load)7/10min5/8min6/10min5/8min
• Connections
Input connectionsIEC 10 A plug
Output sockets3x IEC 10A6x IEC 10A
Cables1 x IEC10 A/schuko supply, 2 x IEC/IEC 10 A utilities, USB
• Display and interface
DisplayInteractive LCD
Serial communication portUSB
LAN filter/telRJ11 / RJ45 320 joules
Optional board

Internal SNMP board , 1 or 3 port, MINI version, with possibility to connect

environmental monitoring equipment

• Standard
Safety / EMC complianceEN 62040-1   / EN 62040-2 / CE
Surge capabilityEN 61000-3
• General
ECO functionsSelectable Auto Power Off for load <3%
Temperature (°C) / humidity (%)0 ÷ 40 / 10 ÷ 90 (non-condensing)
Noise (dBA @ 1 mt)≤ 50
Dimension rack position (lxpxh) mm



19” x 410 mm x 3U   (440 x 410 x 133 mm)
Dimension tower position (lxpxh) mm89 x 340 X 440133 x 410 x 440
Net/Gross weight (kg)12,2/13,217,2/20,421,3/24,526,7/30,5
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