Carbon 12ET70PC 12ET120PC

The revolutionary energy storage

Unlike lithium batteries standard lead acid batteries have a big discharge capacity (up to C3*). Indeed, a much longer charging time (up to 10 hours, =0,1) must be accepted to prevent sulfatization which would shorten the lifetime of the battery. The new lead carbon technology provides a solution for this problem: Using carbon additives guarantees much less sulfatization of the negative electrode. Thus, the battery can be charged faster than a standard lead acid battery.

Modern lithium battery sytems can also be charged within less than an hour, but the discharge capacity is very low: It must not exceed 50-70% of the battery capacity (= C0,5-07). The fast charging is a significant progress in lead carbon technology, since the charging current for the daily cycle mode can be adjusted at 20-40% of the battery capacity (= 0,2-0,4C). Therefore, it is possible to recharge a discharged battery within several hours.


- Nominal voltage: 12V

- Max current. : Discharge 4C10 A, Charge 0,4C10A

- nominal capacity: 60Ah, 100Ah

- Cycles: more than 3000 cycles at 70% DoD

- Technology: Japan

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