Industrial system DPS

The DPS is suitable for a wide range of applications in the most demanding industrial environments. It allows to achieve complex system architectures to ensure maximum power availability with a wide range of accessories and optional.

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Applications industry

Oil & Gas/Petrochemical · Utilities & Power stations


  • Clean and stable DC on battery with ripple voltage peak-peak value <1%
  • Pure VFI-SS-III output sinusoid wave as provided for by the IEC/CEI EN 62040 standards
  • Redundant fan system with temperature and air flow control
  • 5 automatic charging modes
  • Manual charging mode for open cup batteries
  • Adjustable times and alarm thresholds
  • Temperature compensation programmable on the charging voltage to extend the battery life
  • Double digital microprocessor control (DPS + PLD) for rectifier and inverter, ensuring maximum reliability
  • Full optical isolation on all the logic and interface cards
  • Modbus communication interface through RS232 or RS485 port
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Separate DPS for rectifier and inverter to improve reliability

  • Optional : FALCON battery control system

DPS : Industrial system

DPS provides maximum protection for all mission-critical industrial applications thanks to an exceptional mechanical and electrical design. The DPS operates from 10 to 200kVA and uses an ON-LINE double conversion technology (VFI) with an isolation transformer on the inverter output. Power is constantly supplied to the load by the inverter with a filtered, stabilised and regulated sinusoid wave. The EMI input and output filters considerably increase the load immunity from noise or temporary mains overcurrents.

The DPS may be supplied along with an optional control software and can be remotely controlled through a serial or Ethernet interface.

Onduleurs industriels DSP Aunilec

High flexibility, allowing our equipment to adapt to all system features

The DPS is suitable for a wide range of applications in the most demanding industrial environments. It allows to achieve complex system architectures to ensure maximum power availability with a wide range of accessories and optional. We can supply redundant N+1 or HOT STANDBY configurations. Thanks to the new our DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, you can choose different alarms with voltage-free contacts, with a wide range of LED indications and accurate digital measurements. Furthermore a graphical display shows measurements, alarms and a one-line diagram to help the operator to better understand the situation. The digital inputs can be customised according to specific customer needs, allowing to take into account special system statuses and to display them on the monitor. The display can store the alarm list and an event history. You can adapt the DPS to the technical specifications. Should you need any particular applications and customised solutions, please contact AUNILEC.

Absolute reliability and performance

To ensure its compatibility with the most demanding applications, the Aunilec DPS system can withstand a high short-circuit current, in order to guarantee the selectivity of the downstream protections. The fully DIGITAL microprocessor logic controls the power conversion, supervises operation, supports the system and modifies the parameters in case of component failure to assure power supply to the load. If the load is highly distorted, the high frequency switching and the DPS loops support the system by keeping THD low. The Aunilec digital UPS units are fitted with a modern IGBT techno-logy and a PWM modulation allowing to obtain a pure sinusoid output wave as required by the strictest standards contained in IEC EN 62040 class VFI-SS-III. Ventilation may be redundant, allowing to keep a rated output load only using one half of the fans. The air flow sensors detect the ventilation drop and immediately trigger an alarm, allowing to replace the damaged fan.Onduleur industriel écran tactile

Battery management system: maximising life

When the system is powered by the mains, the UPS rechar-ges the batteries. In case of mains failure power is supplied to the inverter from the batteries. Efficient battery management, therefore, is essential for the UPS yield in case of emergency. Battery management consists of a set of features designed to ensure excellent yield and prolong the battery life:

  • Double level charging, to optimise the charging currents and reduce the charging time
  • Four automatic charging modes, with different current ma-nagement in compliance with the provisions set forth by the strictest standards
  • Programmable temperature compensation and discharge protection to reduce general battery ageing
  • Manual charging mode for the commissioning of any battery type
  • Intelligent and schedulable battery testing, for the identification of potential battery deterioration and failure
  • The voltage values, the times and the alarm thresholds can be programmed directly by the user through multilevel passwords
  • The UPS may be installed in any distribution system (the rectifier input neutral is not required)

Low consumption levels

Thanks to component sizing, the UPS systems can reach high efficiency levels even with low DC bus voltages. The selectable Line Interactive mode may be used in stable environments to achieve very high efficiency levels (~98%) in case of inverter power supply failure, and when synchronised with the mains it can take on the load in less than 1ms.

Onduleur industriel système UPS intégré

ModelVoltage batteryOutput voltagePower
DPS TM 005/11110Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH5kVA
DPS TM 010/11110Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH10kVA
DPS TM 015/11110Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH15kVA
DPS TM 020/11110Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH20kVA
DPS TM 030/11110Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH30kVA
DPS TM 040/11110Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH40kVA
DPS TM 050/11110Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH50kVA
DPS TT 010/11110Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH10kVA
DPS TT 015/11110Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH15kVA
DPS TT 020/11110Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH20kVA
DPS TT 030/11110Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH30kVA
DPS TT 040/11110Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH40kVA
DPS TT 050/11110Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH50kVA
DPS TM 005/22220Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH5kVA
DPS TM 010/22220Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH10kVA
DPS TM 015/22220Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH15kVA
DPS TM 020/22220Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH20kVA
DPS TM 030/22220Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH30kVA
DPS TM 040/22220Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH40kVA
DPS TM 050/22220Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH50kVA
DPS TM 060/22220Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH60kVA
DPS TM 080/22220Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH80kVA
DPS TM 100/22220Vdc230Vac / 115Vac 1PH100kVA
DPS TT 010/22220Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH10kVA
DPS TT 015/22220Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH15kVA
DPS TT 020/22220Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH20kVA
DPS TT 030/22220Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH30kVA
DPS TT 040/22220Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH40kVA
DPS TT 050/22220Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH50kVA
DPS TT 060/22220Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH60kVA
DPS TT 080/22220Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH80kVA
DPS TT 100/22220Vdc400Vac / 190Vac 3PH100kVA

(Other size on request)

• Other technical characteristics
Input frequency50/60Hz
Frequency range+/-10%
Input voltage400Vac 3PH
Input voltage range+/-10%
Input THD27% with 6PH, 12% with 12P, 6% with 12PH + filter THD
Temperature compensation : 3 probes0/-0,3V/°C
• Output electric parameters
Overload 110/125/150%2h/10'/10"
Output sinusoïd distortion<2% (VFI-SS-III class in compliance with the IEC/CEI EN 62040 standard
Dynamic stability-8%/+13% restauration jusqu'à +/-1% en 80ms
Static switch switching<1ms
• Communications
Remote signalingvoltage free relays
Remote controlsON/OFF switch, manual charging, temperature, probes
CommunicationsMODBUS protocol through RS485 DB9 serial port TCP/IP
• Environment
Operating conditions-5/+40°C, 93% humidity without condensing
Noise55 to 63dB (depending on size)
• Mechanics
Metal frame thickness2,5mm
Metal panel thickness1,5mm
Frame surfacegalvanised steel
Protection degree with closed panelsIP30
Protection degree with open panelsIP20
External colorRAL 7035
Cable entryfrom the base, from the roof or from the side

Main optional components

  • Additional RFI filters
  • Additional THD filters
  • 12 pulses bridge
  • Battery control system
  • Parallel configuration with active load distribution
  • Standby configuration
  • Special colors
  • Special protection degree
  • Output distribution panel