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Relay card, AS400, Modbus, SNMP, GPRS, remote control panel, galvanic isolation transformer, external bypass, additional chargers, NetFeeler sensor, lightning protection, outdoor UPS IP65 / IP55, rail for 19" cabinet, Wifi/Ethernet communication box, GPRS remote controller box.

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  • Cartes relais / AS400 / Modbus

    Relay cards are based on dry contacts and give signals in the case of power supply interruption, switching to bypass or general faults. The AS400 and Modbus card provide the interface for the corresponding protocols.

  • Web / SNMP adapter / GPRS

    SNMP adapters provide monitoring of the UPS via ethernet or WLAN including email notifications. The monitoring software allows connection with the IP adress of every UPS. For example all servers in a network can be shutdown. SMS can be sent without LAN connection by using a GSM modem.

  • Remote control panel

    The report defaut is physically connected with the UPS by cable and allows distant monitoring and management of the system. The panel can be installed as far as 500m from the UPS and will be power supplied by the interface cable.

  • Galvanic isolation transformer

    With the galvanic isolation transformer the electric circuits before and after the UPS are not connected physically but via an electromagnetic field. This increase the reliability of the protection. Spikes and disturbances can not pass the galvanic isolation transformer.

  • External Bypass

    External manual bypass modules (singlephase & threephase) allow service and maintenance work without interruption of the power supply. The UPS can be disconnected after the power supply was switched to the bypass line. All the Aunilec MultiNET_ATS range can be also used as external bypass.

  • Additional chargers

    External and internal chargers for batteries of higher capacity and faster charging time.

  • NetFeeler sensor

    The NetFeeler senor are mostly used in server cabinets and for the observation. They can inform you about temperature and humidity through IP adress. The sensors can also be connected to a three port SNMP adapter offered by Aunilec. 

  • Spike protection

    The spike protection protects electrical devices from spikes voltage. It attemps to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threeshold.

  • Outdoor UPS / IP65 / IP55

    UPS with special cabinet in protection class IP65 and IP55, used for temperatures from -30°C up to +50°C.

  • Rail for 19" rack cabinet

    The rail is the perfect tool to fix the UPS or battery pack in a 19” rack cabinet. The additionally gliding function ensures a very easy and fast access to the different cabinets.

  • Wifi / Ethernet...

    External Wifi / Ethernet box is used to provide WLAN / Ethernet transmission service. Wifi supports 802.11b/g/n wireless standard, and the frequency range 2.412G-2.484G.

  • GPRS Remote Controller Box

    GPRS / IP based remote controller box with internal webserver. Solar and generator power supply for windspeed analyser.