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Solar products

The connected load is powered by our MultiPlus DSP0.9H, online double conversion UPS with the latest technology. The prior energy comes from the solar panels installation. Our special charge regulator is connected to the DC part of the hybrid UPS. The grid is connected in parallel and only supplies the missing energy if the solar energy is not available (at night) or not strong enough (according weather and load conditions)

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  • MultiPlus DSP0.9 MLTDSP &...

    The MultiPlus DSP0.9 Hybrid is simultaneously powered by solar energy, grid and battery. It is the first UPS with “cash back guarentee”. 

    The energy supply

    Hybrid function with scalable Off Grid MPPT controller, UPS, On-line “double conversion” technology (VFI), Controllable input current management, Split / double bypass input, Output power factor 0,9, Up to 8 units in parallel, High efficiency > 94%, Backfeed protection

    The brain

    Controllable energy-mix of different energy sources, Future-proof thanks to Open Source conception, Apps, add-ons, plug-ins, updates and upgrades …, Up to 18 programmable IN/OUT interfaces, Remote diagnosis and remote monitoring, Cost reduction by peak load elimination, Free choice of energy supplier, 100% green electricity

  • AUNISOL 3/5/10 kW

    Hybrid inverter

    During the day, the primary function of the PV installation is to supply the load with Energy. Every excess will be stored in the batteries or/and re-injected into the Grid. These functions are configurable.

    Energy storage

    During weak PV production or at night, the energy stored in the batteries supplies the load or can be re-injected into the Grid. The different discharge parameters are configurable

    Blackout protection / Offgrid

    The integrated Line-interactive UPS guarentee 100% energy supply in case of a power failure. The output power is 3kW for AUNISOL3+G (single phase), 5kW for AUNISOL5+G (single phase) and 10kW for AUNISOL10T+G (three-phase). The AUNISOL series can also work as an Off Grid installation.

  • Aunisol 1-20kVA

    Working principle

    During normal day operation, the connected load is powered by solar energy. If the solar energy is not strong enough, all missing energy is supplied by the batteries. If both energies are not available, the system automatically switches to normal AC supply or genset.

    What makes the difference ?

    Our VRLA Gel deep cycle batteries are conform to the cycles use test norm IEC61427. The batteries still provide 100% of the full capacity in Ampere-hour (Ah) after 148 cycles.

  • Kit solaire 3000w

    • Hybrid UPS
    • communication & management
    • solar panels
    • mounting system
    • Energy storage
    • Emergency power
  • Live&smart box AUNISOL

    Monitoring and controlling tool for AUNISOL inverter

    Live&Smart is compatible with all web browsers, computers and mobile devices.

  • Live&smart box MLTDSP

    Monitoring and controlling tool for MLTDSP ups

    Live&Smart is compatible with all web browsers, computers and mobile devices.

  • AUNISOL 3600W & 5000W

    Self-consumption solar inverter AUNISOL series 3600W and 5000W.

    All-in-One hybrid energy storage system