Maintenance onduleursPrevention and maintenance

Maximum reliability and yield for your power supply system. The AUNILEC service department offers various contracts capable of meeting your requirements, both technically and economically, no matter what the usage area and the individual supply quality requests may be. Our service contracts offer the highest possible protection for your applications, while maximising their operating time (+MTBF) and their duration. You’ll also be able to avoid incurring any costs associated with failures and unplanned downtime. The AUNILEC service contracts include non-standard support by phone, a preliminary visit service meeting the AUNILEC manufacturer specifications and a reaction time specifically tailor to your needs; even material and labour costs in case of malfunctions will be tailored to your critical applications and on your investment plan.

Critical issues

• You can include in the service contract each and any installed UPS

• Our staff will agree on the service date with you

• A Pro-Life and Pro-Partner contract can only be signed before the expiry of the warranty period, or following a system audit or a second installation


 Any defect in system installation due to incorrect installation by unauthorised personnel will invalidate the AUNILEC warranty

Benefits of the AUNILEC service contracts for the customers

• Guaranteed response time

• Optimisation of work time and duration

• Substantial reduction of downtime costs and cost-optimised service

• Efficient on-site service by our qualified engineers

• Central storage of the data system and of the history, allowing to more promptly meet the requests for adaptations, conversions, support or failure analysis

• Drawing up of detailed, regular reports about the inspection and maintenance operations

• A single contact person for any request associated with the protection system of your installation

• Guaranteed use of genuine spare parts only

Repair and troubleshooting

Battery maintenance for a reliable energy supply

All the batteries are subject to an ageing process and along time they lose a part of their capacity. The battery maintenance and monitoring systems have a strong influence over the yield and reliability of the whole system. They detect possible failures before they occur, thus allowing to promptly plan any required battery replacement. The constant monitoring of voltage, current, temperature and charging/discharging behaviour allows to detect early enough any weak or damaged battery blocks, before the failure actually occurs. This operation is performed automatically by the modern battery monitoring computer system “Falcon” (optional). The continuous monitoring system immediately signals any overstepping of the allowed tolerances.

Critical issues

The battery monitoring system:

• is independent of the power supply system

• is available in both AC and DC systems

• monitors the lead and nickel accumulators


The subsequent installation of an automated battery monitoring system is a typical example of an upgrade that will allow to spare recurring monthly control operations and to get greater reliability.

Benefits of battery maintenance and monitoring for the customers

• Reliable battery life

• Constant monitoring of the system batteries

• Early detection avoids risks that might result in a battery failure

• System battery life maximisation through proactive services and monitoring

Replacing the batteries

Battery replacement affects safety, and is a critical investment for system protection

The battery is the main system component. The battery must only be replaced by the manufacturer. Thanks to the AUNILEC battery replacement program, you’ll be sure that the batteries in use have been tested and are compatible with your system. Our partner offers long-lasting and reliable batteries at the best price. With a large number of installed system and thanks to well-established collaborations with battery manufacturers, we can build on our 40-year technical and industrial experience to ensure your safety.

Critical issues

• Only genuine batteries authorised by AUNILEC can be installed in your system !

Benefits of the AUNILEC batteries replacement program for the customer

• Safety, AUNILEC warranty continuity and extension

• Trouble-free installation, as we only use genuine batteries and spare parts

• Genuine batteries authorised by AUNILEC, featuring a 12-month warranty

• Batteries whose characteristics, behaviour and functions have been specially designed for the installation of your AUNILEC system

• Coordination of the delivery, unpacking, installation, return and disposal stages by AUNILEC

• Efficient installation by a AUNILEC qualified engineer team

• Comprehensive report to the customer concerning the tasks carried out on-site

• Full environment-friendly management of the whole battery life, including disposal

• Optimised and customised battery replacement time calculation, taking into account economical and business issues since your request (cost saving potential)

Services offered by the battery remplacement program


Our battery replacement program includes the on-site replacement of your batteries and their recommissioning. This service assures the compliance of your system with the relevant technical and environmental specifications.

Organisation and consultancy

Through an in-depth analysis during a meeting at the installation site we’ll implement a cost-effective project for your batteries, taking into account your requests. This includes the battery diagnosis and inspection. Place your trust in the expert advice of a team of engineers building on 40 years of experience in the field of batteries and related equipment. The AUNILEC experts are from the local area and receive more than 50 hours of training every year.

Quality batteries

AUNILEC only uses system-specific batteries, in compliance with the provisions of the ISO 14001 standard, with a 12-month warranty. We offer a full installation and the everlasting replacement of your old battery system, including the removal and the professional disposal of the old batteries. This service will allow you not to bother any longer about unplanned investments and to get the maximum possible yield out of the system.