Mise en service onduleur aunilec

The commissioning procedure ensures safe operation from the start

If you have chosen a Aunilec system solution, we are going to support you throughout the whole process, from the moment you receive your order. Our services cover design, production, final testing, delivery, installation and timely,accurate commissioning. Commissioning is an essential step of installation. It assures compliance with the warranty conditions and an operating procedure that is optimised according to AUNILEC specification. This prolongs the system life and allows to fully exploit its potentialities.

Critical issues:

• The electric installation must be completed before commissioning
• This type of service may take about 4 weeks
• The technician’s intervention will have to be planned in agreement with AUNILEC
• Installation is not included in the service


Any defect in system installation due to incorrect installation by unauthorised personnel will invalidate the AUNILEC warranty.

Services included in the AUNILEC commissioning program:

Assurance of appropriate installation, parameter setting and system operation in compliance with AUNILEC specifications

• Visual testing of the system area

• Visual testing of the system and batteries to identify any malfunctions and damages

• Compliance with the installation conditions

• System and battery compartment ventilation

• Compliance with the AUNILEC base conditions, in line with the AUNILEC specifications

Installation control

• Inspection of the whole equipment and harness checking

• Inspection of the battery connections

• Compliance with local safety standards and regulations

• Sizing of the protective equipment

• Check of the neutral line and of the star centre

Measurements and tests

• Power supply and connection check

• Careful diagnosis and self-testing, in addition to the switching sequence check

Communication interfaces

• Panel and communication connection check

• Installation of the remote service (optional)

Battery test

• Check of the battery capacity and of the compliance with the battery disposal regulations

• Check of the technical characteristics, discharge test


• Training of the technical staff as to system operation

• Knowledge transfer concerning the system circuit management or the management in case of black-out

Benefits of the AUNILEC commissioning for the customer

• Safety, AUNILEC warranty continuity and extension

• Implementation by AUNILEC with qualified and specialised manufacturer personnel

• Coordination and clear allocation of responsibilities by AUNILEC to ensure a regular implementation

• Full system inspection, testing and parameter setting, to ensure optimum efficiency and duration

• Documentation of all the components, of the settings and of the on-site environment conditions in a single detailed report

• Central storage of the data system and of the history, allowing to more promptly meet the requests for adaptations, conversions, support or failure analysis

• Start of the warranty period from the commissioning date and not from the date of delivery