Our production

AUNILEC’S production is located in Verona - Italy; thanks to a modern plant and automated processes we secure high production capabilities. Important investments have been made to meet customers’ most different needs and guarantee prompt delivery performances. fabrication onduleurs

Customized solutions

Solutions personnalisées

Thanks to 40 years of acquired experience and technical know-how, our partner is offering customised solutions addressed to the industrial market. Customers’ specifications are expertly analysed since the proposal stage. Detailed and explanatory proposals are submitted for customer easy scrutiny.

• Comprehensive technical and commercial offers

• Consultancy and design studies

• Drawing up of documentation upon request

• Expediting and testing during installation

• Final testing with customer attendance

• Commissioning supervision and start up

Environmental sustainability is our main aim

We invest many resources to try to minimize the environmental impact of our technologies and products, transferring this experience to our customers and suppliers while trying to ensure that our production processes are environment-friendly and allow to save energy. Energy saving is rooted in the products, systems and services along the whole production chain, from the assembly of the materials to electronic testing. We recognize the importance of environment protection and we strive to build an environmentally sustainable future. Our management also takes great care to ensure the long-term business profitability, being well aware that only constant reinvestment of the revenues and a careful administration of the available resources can guarantee the company’s survival and prosperity. fabrication onduleurs

Aunilec: when organisation becomes efficiency

Solutions personnalisées

Flexibility and broadly distributed staff skills, are the recipe of our success. Periodic upgrading and updating training courses are provided to the personnel to secure to the Company, the best possible human resources asset. The Company strength is the flexible structure and the highly specialized personnel skills. In that respect, the staff is constantly trained and accustomed to work in team so to deliver an increasingly efficient and competent service. Great human assets and an unmatched broadly distributed know-how allow the company to promptly and efficiently fulfil customer requests and design customised products according to technical specifications. From our R&D centre to the after-sale service, people life motive is the awareness of being a reference point for others. Company functions are then, closely interacting each other securing to the process optimal continuity and avoiding gaps of competences.

The quality value: from design to testing

The entire range of AUNILEC products is designed in strict respect of International Standards. Compliance to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Performance and Safety, as per European Union Directive (EEC) and International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC), is secured. Testing is the essential stage of the manufacturing process and it ensures the product to be in respect of the above musts and in line with our design goals too. Our partner technical staffs also verify the product under the supervision of Customers and/or Customers appointed Certification Bodies. All activities are executed in accordance with the ISO 9001 rules. The drawn up of technical test reports is provided along with the list of used certified instruments set too. fabrication onduleurs

We have been supplying energy since 1973

Our partner was founded in 1973 designing and manufacturing AC/DC power supplies for industrial use. Since the beginning, the Company has been managed to meet demanding requirements from prime Customers Engineering Companies just like us, both Italians and international. We are always customer oriented: The capability of listening market requests, the progressive technology innovation, the selection of best components and suppliers, the strong commitment secured by the employment staff and business partners, the strict implementation of ethical codes of conduct, are at the core of our philosophy. All these principals allow us to create increasingly sophisticated safe and reliable systems and to reach those markets, always looking for high-tech products guaranteed by high quality standards.

Sturdiness and performances: our philosophy

Aunilec products are designed to stand the harshest operating and environmental conditions. We meet the strictest requirements in terms of quality, reliability and efficiency. Any kind of Client customisation request is implemented but to be in respect of International Standards and physical concepts too. Our Power Converters provide exceptional reliability and extraordinarily extended MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) secured by the adoption of conservative design methods, control logics redundant supplies, constant cooling monitoring and failure predicting systems. The use of DSP+PLD digital technology, the intelligent failure detection interface with integrated remote monitoring facilities, the modular/ergonomic front design access design, allow our products to tremendously reduce the MTTR (Meant Time To Repair).