Long life batteries 3,5-250Ah

Temperature compensation of load

To preserve the long life of our batteries, it is advisable to compensate the charge voltage in floating to room temperature. The focus is to 2.275V / cell and 20 ° C, we recommend - 3 mV / ° C for temperatures above 25 ° C and + 3 mV / ° C for temperatures below 15 ° C. It will be necessary to add the optional temperature probe and to  placed it close to the batteries.

AUNISOLBAT batteries 12ET-L series are used specifically for the inverters, rectifiers battery chargers and central sources of security lighting. The tight construction of the battery allows operation without problems in all positions. Since No specific maintenance and servicing is required with an operation based on the principle of the gas recombination (99%).


- Maintenance free, sealed design without water

- Up to 12 years life time at 20 ° C (nominal residual capacity of 80%)

- Plates using the entire space in the tray

- Electrolyte low impurity levels

- Self-discharge very low with less than 3% per month at 20 ° C

- Storage capacity of +/- 12 months at 20 ° C

- Parallel mount and wide operating temperature range

- Recyclable product

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