Helios STR 19" 10-80kVA (3/3)

Designed for 19" rack cabinet

The Helios STR is a UPS module for 19" racks and cabinets.

Independant module

Each power module is an independant UPS with rectifier, inverter and bypass.


- On-line “double conversion” technology (VFI)

- Input power factor up to 0.99

- Output power factor 0.9 (1optional)

- DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology

- Internal static and manual bypass

- Wide input voltage range (208-478Vac)

- Parallel connection up to 4 units (80kVA)

- Automatic load sharing for all units in parallel

- Adjustable 6A charger per module

- Genset compatibility

- Various monitoring systems

- For long backup time

- For 19” racks and cabinets

- Adjustable battery voltage from 384-480Vdc (32 to 40 batteries 12Vdc)

- Common or separate batteries

- Backfeed protection

- RS232/RS485

- EPO (Emergency Power Off)

- Options: SNMP card, External maintenance bypass, Relay / AS400 card, Modbus interface

- 2 years warranty

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