Industrial modular UPS HELIOS_MPW

The HELIOS_MPW is the ultimate modular UPS for DATA CENTRES and other CRITICAL LOADs. The MULTI POWER is designed to protect any critical high-density computer and IT environment, whilst achieving maximum availability. The HELIOS_MPW grows along with the demands of the business without over-sizing the UPS - optimizing both the initial investment and the Total Cost of Ownership. As soon as demand increases, the HELIOS_MPW modular solution can expand its power capability, maintaining the highest levels of power protection, availability, redundancy and investment savings. Digital technology has an increasingly strong influence on day-to-day activities in almost all sectors and applications such as healthcare, power generation, social networking, telecommunications, commerce and education.

HELIOS_MPW provides a comprehensive, easy to integrate power protection solution for data centres and any critical IT application matching the evolving demands of a networked environment. The end user can easily increase power, redundancy level and battery autonomy by simply adding additional UPS Power Modules and Battery Units. Three different cabinets are available to build the system: The Power Cabinets (2 versions) and the Battery Cabinet. The Power Cabinets can accommodate either only the 25 kW Power Modules or 42 kW Power Modules. The available UPS power and redundancy level can expand vertically using the 25 power module from:

• 25 to 125 kW in one single Power Cabinet

• 25 to 175 kW in one single Power Cabinet

Also, power solution can expand vertically using the 42 power module from:

• 42 to 294 kW in one single Power

Up to four complete Power Cabinets can be connected in parallel, increasing the capacity including redundancy respectively from:

• 125 up to 500 kW

• 175 up to 700 kW

• 294 up to 1176 kW

The Battery Cabinet accommodates multiples of 4 Battery Units, with up to 36 units within a single frame with a maximum of 10 Battery Cabinets connected in parallel. In addition, the HELIOS_MPW is available as an optimized solution providing a Multi Power/Battery combination with three UPS Power Module slots and five battery shelves (Combo Cabinet). This solution can be utilized within extremely compact areas requiring a small footprint with maximum power density. This modular and reliable solution is perfect for any small to medium business applications. The user might decide to build the solution using the combination of three PM either 25 kW or 42 kW power not mingling the two power rates in the same cabinet.