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The MULTI PLUS 10-40 kVA/kW offers the best combination of power availability, energy efficiency and global performance ensuring installation and running cost savings. It is the very latest Aunilec UPS development resulting in a third-generation transformer-free UPS, originally introduced into the market over twenty years ago. This ultimate solution is rated at output power factor 1 and defined as ON LINE double conversion technology in accordance with VFI-SS-111 classification (as set out in standard IEC EN 62040-3). MULTI PLUS is designed and built using state-of-the-art technology and components. It applies the advanced technologies such as DSP (Digital Signal Processor), dual core microprocessor, three-level inverter circuits and resonant control to provide maximum protection to the critical loads with no impact on downstream systems, whilst maintaining optimised energy savings.


- Extensive range of solutions

- Compactness

- Efficiency up to 96.5%

- High power availability

- Smart battery management

- Maximum reliability

- Flexibility of use

- Graphic touch screen display

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