Hybrid UPS autoconsumption+feeding to the grid 3/5/10 kW


Solar energy + battery storage + feeding to the grid

Power: 3/5/10kW

More details

Working principle

Solar energy

The solar energy is the primary energy source to supply the load and charge the batteries.

Battery storage

The unused energy is stored in the batteries. The batteries connected to the UPS provide protection in case of power failure.

Feeding to the grid

The excess energy can be injected into the grid according to the standards in your country.

Onduleur hybride autoconsommation+réinjection



With the solar energy as the primary energy source, your investment becomes transparent.


Allows to create your own electrical network.


Protection against power failure, undervoltage and overvoltage.


Thanks to the storage system, energy supply from the grid is partially replaced by battery power.


All the unused solar energy are automatically feed to the grid.


Up to 4 UPS in parallel (4x10kW).

Monitoring software

The included monitoring software shows the informations on your computer. (solar production, error message, alarm, parameter, setting...)

SNMP card

The SNMP card (optional) allows the display on all your devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone...) via your home Wifi. Easy uptade in 1 clic !


Our Gel deep cycle batteries use high-tin alloy grid which increase corrosion resistance of plates and lengthen the service life. High-tight assembly technics, they accept very high charge and high current discharge performance. In combination with our Hybrid Solar UPS solutions, the battery offers the best possible performance. For standart UPS application , the battery has a design lifetime of 10-12 years.

What makes the difference?

Gel battery discharge cycles life DoDOur VRLA Gel deep cycle batteries are conform to the cycles use test norm IEC61427. The batteries still provide 100% of the full capacity in Ampere-hour (Ah) after 148 cycles.

AUNISOL3+G (1/1)AUNISOL5+G (1/1)AUNISOL10T+G (3/3)
Output power3000W5000W10000W
Max. PV input power4500W10000W14850W
Max. feeding to the grid power3000W5000W10000W
Max. charging power1200W4800W9600W
• PV input (DC)
Nominal voltage / max.360Vdc / 500Vdc720Vdc / 900Vdc720Vdc / 900Vdc
Start-up voltage / initial116Vdc / 150Vdc225Vdc / 250Vdc320Vdc / 550Vdc
MPPT voltage range250Vdc - 450Vdc250Vdc - 850Vdc400Vdc - 800Vdc
Number of MPPT / current max.1/1 x 18A2/2 x 10A2/2 x 18.6A
• Output grid and load (AC)
Nominal voltage208/220/230/240Vac230Vac(P-N)/400Vac(P-P)
Voltage range184-265Vac
Nominal current13A21A14,5A per phase
Power factor> 0,99
• Efficiency
Efficiency (DC/AC)96%
Nominal efficiency95%
• Input (AC)
Start-up voltage / auto restart120-140Vac / 180Vac
Voltage range170-280Vac
Max. current30A40A
• Battery mode (output AC)
Nominal voltage202/208/220/230/240Vac230Vac(P-N)/400Vac(P-P)
WavePure sinewave
Efficiency (DC/AC)93%91%
• Battery and charger
Nominal voltage48Vdc
Max. charging current25A default (adjustable 5-25A)60A default (adjustable 5-100A)60A default (adjustable 10-200A)
• Specifications
Dimensions (DxWxH), mm107x438x480204x460x600167,5x500x622
Weight, kg15,52945
• Interface
CommunicationRS232 / USBRS232 / USB / CAN Interface 
Intelligent slotModbus and AS-400 card (SNMP optional)
• Environment
Humidity0-90% (no condensing)
Operating temperature0 à 40°C-10 à 55°C
• Standards
QualityCertified ISO9001
StandardsEN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-4, EN55022, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-12, EN61000-3-3, EN61000-3-11
SecurityVDE0126-1-1, VDE AR N4105, EN50178, IEC62109, DK5940/ENEL 2011/CEI0-21, G83/59/EEG2012, AS3100/4777...etc.
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