Gel deep cycle 24/45/65/100/150Ah

What makes the difference ?

Our VRLA Gel deep cycle batteries are conform to the cycles use test norm IEC61427. The batteries still provide 100% of the full capacity in Ampere-hour (Ah) after 148 cycles.

Our Gel deep cycle batteries use high-tin alloy grid which increase corrosion resistance of plates and lengthen the service life. High-tight assembly technics, they accept very high charge and high current discharge performance. 

In combination  with our Hybrid Solar UPS solutions, the battery offers the best possible performance. For standart UPS application , the battery has a design lifetime of 10-12 years. 


- Type: Gel deep cycle battery

- nominal voltage: 12V

- Lifetime: 12 years

- Working temperature: -40°C to 60°C

- Self-discharge: < 0,1% per day (20°C)

- Materials : ABS

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