AUNISOL 3600W & 5000W

Self-consumption solar inverter AUNISOL series 3600W and 5000W.

All-in-One hybrid energy storage system

Day protection
1. The day, with solar energy

The consumers are supplied or respectively protected by the photovoltaic system and the battery. If this energy is not sufficient, the missing power can be drawn from the grid. Priority is always given to the direct own consumption of the self generated solar power and afterwards the storage in the battery. Optional : not self-consumed or stored energy can be fed into the public grid.

2. The day, without grid

In the event of a power failure during the day, the solar power is used without restriction. The battery system automatically switches the photovoltaic system to island operation and supplies the consumers of the house. In island operation, both the house can be supplied with solar power and the battery can be charged. All consumers on the emergency power path are supplied from a combination of solar and battery power completely self-sufficiently and without interruption.

Night protection
1. In the evening with batteries

In the evening, the stored battery power is used to supply the house. If this energy is not sufficient, the public grid can be used at any time for additional supply.

2. In the evening without grid

In the event of a power failure in the evening, just like during the day, our Aunisol ensures the unique all-round protection: Uninterrupted switchover to battery operation (emergency power operation) and supply of all consumers of the house until the battery is empty.

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