Digital panel with backlit alphanumeric display.

BC panic option

Getting voluntary sleep mode mood lighting (separate box/cabinet). Combined with a permanent central source, it switches the mood lighting (anti-panic) permanent in non-permanent mode. Recovery in continuous operation can be done at any time manually or automatically on disappear sector.

Remote control panel option

The alarm report box includes 4 free entries relay contact associated with LEDs on the front.


- Complies with EN50171 / NFC71815

- Complete range in 24Vdc, 48Vdc & 110Vdc from 1400 to 6600W in floor cabinets

- Battery protection by a discharge limiting device

- Microprocessor control

- Digital panel with backlit alphanumeric display  

- Battery test management card AUT/MANU

- Permanent Isolation Monitor (PIM)

- 6 bipolar feeders protected by HPC fuse

- Removable 5U rack-mountable AC/DC module for quick and easy support with polarized removable connectors

- Ease of maintenance with front access

- Low output ripple

- Output overload indication

- Audible alarm in case of abnormality

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