The power sources Aunilec ensure the highest protection and maximum quality of energy for all charges, including for industrial, security systems, electro-medical systems, industrial processes and telecommunications.

The range AESA-TM / TT has an on-line double conversion technology (VFI) making it impossible to interrupt the power supply to the transformer output of the inverter as stipulated by the VFI-SS-111 classification and accordance with IEC EN 62040-3.

AESA-TM / TT range consists of a three phase input and single phase output from 10 to 60 kVA and three phase input and output 10-80 with IGBT rectifier and input power correction factor.

High efficiency and reliable power protection for emergency lighting

- 1H standard autonomy. (1H30 or 3H on request)

- Battery with long lifetime for more security

- High current for batteries recharge to 80% in less than12H

- Start panel with isolation controller in compliance with the EC20

Intelligent battery care: best battery performances

The battery care system consists of several features to optimize the battery performances and operating life, for example:

- Dual level charging to reduce the charging time.

- Deep discharging protection to reduce the ageing.

- Temperature compensation.

- Automatic and Manual Battery test.

- Charge blocking system to reduce electrolyte consumption. 

it can operate with Open Vented and VRLA, Gel, Ni-Cd batteries.

Inverter with transformer full galvanic isolation

The output isolation transformer on the inverter, inside the UPS cabinet, provides galvanic isolation for the critical load improving versatility in system application:

- Power supply 400Vac Tri + N (three phase without neutral on request)

- IT neutral regime for powering emergency lighting in accordance with the standard.

- Battery Start

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