BC-PANIQUE for power sources

Cabinet for power sources

The panic lighting can be switched on or off while the presence of the public. If the light sources are off on standby, their automatic ignition must be provided from a sufficient number of power failure detection points. The establishment of a cabinet "BC-PANIC" allows the laying up of the anti-panic lighting (for power sources only).

Associated with a permanent central source, it allows switching, ambient lighting in PERMANENT to NO PERMANENT mode. Recovery in PERMANENT mode can be done at any time manually or automatically on disappearance sector.


BC-PANIC box is in the form of a wall mounting box containing the controls equipment.

The supply consists of the following equipment:

- A contactor protected by fuse

- A forced run command in front - switch

- A remote control terminal block

- A power contactor at positive safe

- 2 departures protected by HRC bipolar fuses (direct current) and circuit breakers (alternating current)

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