MultiPlus DSP0.9 MLTDSP & MLM 10-500kVA

The MultiPlus DSP0.9 Hybrid is simultaneously powered by solar energy, grid and battery. It is the first UPS with “cash back guarentee”. 

The energy supply

Hybrid function with scalable Off Grid MPPT controller, UPS, On-line “double conversion” technology (VFI), Controllable input current management, Split / double bypass input, Output power factor 0,9, Up to 8 units in parallel, High efficiency > 94%, Backfeed protection

The brain

Controllable energy-mix of different energy sources, Future-proof thanks to Open Source conception, Apps, add-ons, plug-ins, updates and upgrades …, Up to 18 programmable IN/OUT interfaces, Remote diagnosis and remote monitoring, Cost reduction by peak load elimination, Free choice of energy supplier, 100% green electricity


• Online double conversion technology

• Hybrid ready for photovoltaic use:

      - Best choice for PV off grid project

      - Best choice for energy storage

      - Compatible with any standard on grid inverter from the market 

• Remote maintenance software

• Very small foot print

• Double input for AC grid and Bypass

• 2x RS232 + Relay box + SNMP + ModBus + HDMI

• Multiple Eco Mode to increase the efficiency

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