Aunisol 1-20kVA

Working principle

During normal day operation, the connected load is powered by solar energy. If the solar energy is not strong enough, all missing energy is supplied by the batteries. If both energies are not available, the system automatically switches to normal AC supply or genset.

What makes the difference ?

Our VRLA Gel deep cycle batteries are conform to the cycles use test norm IEC61427. The batteries still provide 100% of the full capacity in Ampere-hour (Ah) after 148 cycles.


- Auto priority logic

- Pure Sine Wave output

- Phase reversal protection

- Auto wakeup & sleep mode

- High efficiency

- For long backup time

- Intelligent charger ensuring more battery life

- 10% more solar energy by using MPPT charger

- Overload, short circuit protection and auto recovery

- Battery (DC) cold start

- Genset compatibility

- 2 years warranty

Specific References