AUNISOL 3/5/10 kW

Hybrid inverter

During the day, the primary function of the PV installation is to supply the load with Energy. Every excess will be stored in the batteries or/and re-injected into the Grid. These functions are configurable.

Energy storage

During weak PV production or at night, the energy stored in the batteries supplies the load or can be re-injected into the Grid. The different discharge parameters are configurable

Blackout protection / Offgrid

The integrated Line-interactive UPS guarentee 100% energy supply in case of a power failure. The output power is 3kW for AUNISOL3+G (single phase), 5kW for AUNISOL5+G (single phase) and 10kW for AUNISOL10T+G (three-phase). The AUNISOL series can also work as an Off Grid installation.


- Switching time: <10msec

- Max PV power 4500 to 14850W

- Up to 2 MPPT according the model

- Efficiency (DC/AC): 96%

- Battery voltage: 48Vdc

- Intelligent slot: Modbus and AS-400 card

- Option: SNMP

- Warrant 5 years

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