EPC600D & EPC800D


The multi-plug UPS, featured with smart microprocessor control design, include a voltage stabilizer (AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator), a smart USB communication interface and a cold start function. It is an ideal solution for protecting household and small office systems. ln addition, the UPS offer USB charger to recharge mobile phones and tablets.

AVR - Boost and Buck

The AVR Boost and Buck automatically corrects either undervoltage or overvoltage condition without unnecessary battery drain and extends the life of the battery.

LCD Display

Easy read-out status from the screen. Indicates input voltage, output voltage, load level, battery level, ...


- Compact & Ergonomic design for desktop, also for wall-mount

- Line-interactive with AVR Boost and Buck 

- Comprehensive Graphic LCD Display  

- USB Charger for Mobile Phone, tablet 

- Auto Charging at Off Mode

- Auto-restart Function

- Cold Start Function

- USB Interface for Remote Monitoring

- RJ45 Modem/LAN Internet Protection

- Outlets for Surge and Backup 

- Including Monitoring Software

- 2 years warranty

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