Home UPS 800-1500VA

Perfect for home applications

Only available with external batteries for long backup time. Perfect for all home and domestic applications.

Line-interactive technology

Line interactive technology is mostly used for enterprise networks and IT applications. It protects from blackout, undervoltage and overvoltage. In normal mode, the device is controlled by a microprocessor that monitors the quality of the supply and reacts to fluctuations. A voltage stabilizer (AVR) is enabled to boost or reduce the supply voltage to compensate the input voltage fluctuations.  The main advantage of this technology is that it enables compensation of under- and overvoltage without using the batteries.


- Line-interactive technology (VI) with pure sine wave output

- Only with external batteries

- Big charger: 10/20A (adjustable)

- Automatic Voltage Regulator - AVR 

- Transfer to battery at under- and overvoltage 

- LED indication

- Battery (DC) cold start

- Wide input voltage range: 130-290Vac 

- Fully digitalized microprocessor controlled Energy saving function with UPS Green Mode

- Audible and visible alarm 

- Surge protection

- Wide application range:  Charger/Inverter/UPS

- 2 years warranty 

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