ARES 1000-3000VA

Designed for the IT market

The ARES series, are designed focusing on the IT market. They are very efficient UPS when it comes to power and protect computer loads and/or IT equipment (servers, PC network, professional NAS, even complex network devices, etc.)  The large front LCD display,  allows you to keep track of the operation of the machine and at the same time to have all the information about the power supply and the connected load, as well as providing accurate information on the status of the batteries and its available autonomy. Performances of these machines are remarkable: besides the standard connection with the PC and server through the USB port, there are also other hardware and software solutions available to interface all operating systems and to implement power redundancies. This models can also be used in working places different from the IT world: in fact they are able to power typically industrial loads as well without disturbances or interferences, protecting users remaining immune to disturbances.


- Pure sine wave output

- Output power factor 0.8

- DSP digital control

- Boost and Buck AVR for voltage stabilization

- Auto sensing frequency

- Adjustable charging current and battery shutdown point

- Settable ECO mode and no-load shutdown

- Humanized alarm system

- Power-on self test

- Cold start

- Auto restart when mains power is restored

- Intelligent battery management

- Short circuit and overload protection

- Automatic charging in OFF mode

- USB, RJ45 series

- AS400/SNMP (optional)

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