AUPUS power systems - energy, industry and rail

Robust and Reliable Fan-free DC and AC Power.

We shape electricity and provide secured supply for the needs of increasingly sensitive and vulnerable systems. Our job is to keep your system up and running and make your electricity better – more reliable, secure, energy-efficient – and just right to fit its purpose. Aunilec standard and custom power solutions for utility, industry and rail applications offer you value throughout the whole life cycle and beyond. Robust and reliable fan-free design and modular architecture ensures the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) across the 15-20 year expected life span for industrial backup power systems.

For nearly 50 years, our partner has been the standard for providing power system solutions to customers around the world and to keep the critical processes up and running with the 100% confidence for the uninterruptible power supply. On top of highly configurable standard systems Aunilec System engineering team has the capability to understand the exact needs of backup power application and provide the optimal solution with expertise of several decades. Aunilec’s engineering expertise with modern 3D layout design tools and modern circuit diagram design tools offers professional, fast and cost efficient approach to make optimal application specific design even for project of 1 power system cabinet.

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