Redundant and fault tolerant system

The AUPUS Inverter system is a redundant, fault tolerant system. Inverter system is optimal solution when long autonomy time and long battery service life are required. Inverter system is compatible with several battery configurations. Inverter system fits in the standard 19” racks and cabinets. EIM inverters efficiencies are high, up to 90%. 

The AUPUS Inverter system has a modular construction. The inverter modules can be combined with static switch, manual bypass, AC distribution and 3-phase synchronization modules based on customer’s needs.

The AUPUS Inverter system can be integrated in the same cabinet as Aunilec DC power systems with advanced VIDI+ controller, temperature sensors and battery monitoring. 


- Support to 24, 48, 60, 110, 125, 220, 230Vdc nominal battery voltages

- Standard 19” rack

- Small size, light weight

- Full access from front

- Remote monitoring

- High efficiency

- Hot swap N + 1 redundant system

- Static switch allows On-line and Off-line modes

- High overload capability

- Parallel connectable 1000 VA to 24 kVA

- 1-phase and 3-phase output

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