Helios modular 6-50kVA (1/1)(3/1) & 20-800 kVA (3/3)

Decentralized modular technology

Aunilec Modular UPS with multiplied components also called decentralized technology is the only possibility to work without the risk of a “single point of failure”. Each UPS module has all, - rectifier, inverter, static bypass switch, back-feed protection, battery fuse and control logic LCD display - to garranty autonomous operation.

Optimize your investments

Power consumption and power requirements are constantly changing.  With our Aunilec Modular you can simply increase or decrease the UPS power according to your needs. This is fast and cost effective when you increase the UPS by small steps. During a period of less requirements/power consumption, you simply remove UPS modules to save energy costs.

Reduce installation and maintenance costs

The modular UPS reduces space requirements. The maintenance and service parts costs are easy to calculate and extremely transparent: only one module !


- On-line “double conversion” technology (VFI)

- Input power factor up to 0.99

- Output power factor 0.9 (1optional)

- DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology

- Internal static and manual bypass in each module (no centralized bypass required) 

- Hot swappable power and battery modules

- Wide input voltage range (208-478Vac)(3/3)

- Adjustable battery voltage (384-480Vdc)(3/3)

- Only one battery string for N+1 application 

- 6A charging current per module

- Adjustable charging current

- Automatic load sharing

- Genset compatibility

- Big touchscreen LCD display

- Various monitoring systems

- Additional bypass input

- Small footprint and very silent

- RS232/RS485 Interface

- EPO (Emergency Power Off)

- Backfeed protection

- Options: SNMP card, relay card (dry contacts)

- 2 years warranty

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