IRISRT 1-3kVA (1/1)

The IRISRT convertible double conversion true on-line series, superior input voltage window for energy saving, ECO mode, super powerful charger, is an ideal solution to your computer center, network center, communication system, automatic control system or other critical systems. 


-True Online Double Conversion

- LCD Display with Multifunction Parameter Settings & operational status 

- Wide input voltage range for the harshest environ ment

- Support Generator Input

- Super Powerful Charger for battery backup extension

- Support Economie Operation Mode

- Power Shedding Function

- Hot-Swappable Battery

- Cold Start Function is built-in 

- Bundled Communication Software supports Windows application, etc. 

- Matching Battery Pack 

- Output Power Factor 1.0 

- Up to 92% High Efficiency Models Available

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