MPTR 10-300kVA (3/3)

Galvanic isolation transformer

This high-quality online UPS from Aunilec is provided with a galvanic isolation transformer, which means that the electric circuits before and after the UPS are not connected physically, but via an electromagnetic field. This increases the reliability of the protection essentially. Spikes and disturbances cannot pass the magnetic field of the galvanic isolation transformer.

13 different powers available !

The MPTR is available in power from 10 to 300 kVa


- On-line “double conversion” technology (VFI)

- Galvanic isolation transformer

- LCD-LED display

- IGBT technology (inverter)

- Optional battery runtime

- Inductive load acceptable

- Wide input voltage range

- Parallel redundancy (optional)

- Internal static and manual bypass

- Self testing at UPS startup

- 128 events alarm memory

- Intelligent management via RS232

- EPO (Emergency Power Off)

- Relay card (dry contacts)

- Software and USB cable included

- Backfeed protection from 60 to 300kVA

- Options: SNMP / AS400 card, External maintenance bypass

- 2 years warranty

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