Serie QSRB35

Capacitor bank without regulation known as fixed compensation

Used when reactive power to compensate is constant and when the load is working 24h / 24h.

Used when reactive power is to compensate for low power. Also standardized by the coefficient QC (Compensation to install in KVAR) / SN (Transformer power in KVA) is generally <15%. This threshold of 15% is indicative and we recommend it to avoid to overcompensate the charge power vacuum.

Used to directly compensate the asynchronous motor, load losses of the line head transformer.


- Rated voltage 400Vac
- Rated frequency 50Hz (60Hz on request)
- Rated power Referred to rated frequency and voltage
- Working Temperature Range -25°C/+50°C
- Cubicle 20/10mm sheet steel, protected against corrosion by a phosphating treatment. Epoxy powder painted, RAL 7035 color (other colors on request). External Protection degree: IP30 - - Locking system: by screw
- Ventilation Natural
- Isolating switch Three-pole with door interlocking device
- Supplying Entry of the cable from the top
- Wiring By N07VK CEI 20-22 flame retardant cables
- Fuses Each capacitor banks is protected by a set of three fuses (NH00 type) with high breaking capacity
- Capacitors Single phase of type self-healing, made up of metalized polypropylene, equipped with overpressure safety device and discharge resistor. Filling: biodegradable non toxic dry type, PCB free. Delta connection
- Serie 500Vac Capacitance tolerance: -5% +10% Dielectric losses: <0.3W/kvar Temperature class: -25°C (55°C)
- Reference standards complying with: L.V. 73/23 (93/68) EEC directive. Capacitors: CEI EN 60831-1/2 Equipment: CEI EN 60439-1/2

Specific References