Serie FAFW

Active filtering and power quality

FAFW is the new generation of active harmonic filters. It reliably mitigates harmonics and compensates voltage dips as well as reactive power. The FAFW analizes network disturbances and provides an opposing compensation current. In doing so, FAFW actively adapts to fluctuations and responds in less than half a millisecond. Its compact dimensions, simple installation, and digital intelligence allow for a quick and straight forward integration in the most diverse applications.

These products allows to reinject a current corresponding to the total harmonic component (the first order). By this way, the network is traversed by a current equal to the single fundamental component.


- Nominal operating voltage: 380V to 480V

- Operating frequency: 47 to 63Hz

- Rated compensation current: 30 to 100A at 40°C

- Total harmonic current distortion: THID < 5%

- Compensation capability odd harmonics: up to the 50th order

- Response time: < 300 µS

- Protection category: IP20

- Cooling forced air

- Overload capability: 2.5xln (rated current) for 10ms

- Ambient temperature: 40°C 

- Altitude: 1000m

- Parallel operation: up to 5 filters

- Interface: ethernet, RS485, ModBus

- Controller: digital with FFT analysis

- Current limitation: at nominal current

- Current transformers (not included) 100:5 to 50000:5

- Design corresponding to UL508 CE (LVD 2006/95/EC)

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