Serie OP 5000-10000VA

OP series - on-line double conversion

The OP series consists of UPS 5000 VA to 10000 VA. The technology, On-Line Double Conversion, is able to guarantee a constant supply of private and any electrical interference, both in the presence or absence of voltage with the help of the battery. The management software allows monitoring, programming and supervision of the proper operation of powered devices. UPS OP series are particularly suitable for powering computer system networks (industrial automation, telecommunications ...). The study of the battery also drew our attention because it is one of the most fundamental parts of the UPS. Indeed, we have developed an innovative charging system ABM (Advanced Battery Management) which increases the lifetime of the battery and optimizing recharge time (3-level charging technology).


- On-line double conversion technology programmable

- Classification VFI-SS-112 according to EN50091-3

- Sine wave output with THD < 3%

- High efficiency mode selectable

- Standard RS232 and USB port

- SNMP interface (slot avalaible)

- Values avalaible on LCD display

- Management software and shutdown files

- Progammable automatic battery management 

- Modem, LAN, FAX protections

- “Green Mode” (automatic shutdown with no load)

- EPO - emergency power off

- Automatic neutral conection test

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