Serie VEGA

Optimal protection with highest efficiency

Aunilec VEGA Series UPS is the top line in the power quality solutions for mission critical applications, including datacenters, industrial processes, building and medical emergency systems. From scalability to redundancy, from user-friendliness to maintainability, from parallel to connectivity, and from investment protection to lower cost of ownership, whichever value you need, VEGA provides industry leading efficiency.

In fact has been carefully designed to deliver maximum Return On Investment (ROI) and MTBF ,with the quickest Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). VEGA is an online double conversion UPS (VFI SS 111 – IEC EN 62040-3) with isolated inverter.

The VEGA Series range includes three-phase input and single-phase output versions from 10 to 100kVA with 6-Pulse thyristor rectifier (optional 12-Pulse for 60-80kVA) with and without optional input filter for harmonics-less distortion; from 10 to 200kVA three-phase input and output with 6-Pulse thyristor rectifier; from 100 to 600kVA three-phase input and output versions HP with IGBT Power Factor Correction rectifier.

Flexibility and dedicated solutions

VEGA Series has a flexible control which allows several operational configuration as On-Line or Normal Mode, Ecomode, Smart Active, Stand-by, Frequency Converter and Voltage Stabilizer. A broad range of accessories and options, complex configurations and system architectures can be achieved to guarantee maximum power availability and the option to add new UPS without interruption to existing users. Using the Aunilec UPS Group Synchronizer (UGS) and Parallel Systems Joiner (PSJ), sophisticated inter group parallel and redundant systems can be achieved to provide the highest possible levels of resilience and availability. 

VEGA UPS can be adapted to meet the most specific requirements. Contact Aunilec offices to discuss customized or dedicated solutions for your site.

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