Serie INV

One and three-phase range with IGBT

The AUNILEC INV series offers a range of one- and three-phase inverters with IGBT power conversion bridge. 

The system has been designed to continuously supply extra-low harmonics AC current to critical loads. The integrated static switch can automatically perform quick switching operations on the DC line, in case of black-out only, to substantially increase the global efficiency; it can also perform an ON-LINE conversion, in which the wave form is always generated by the inverter, thus ensuring a stable, undistorted waveform. 

In this case the load is switched to the emergency line only in case of inverter failure. The fast control system and the high-frequency PWM technology allow to connect the inverter to non-linear loads with a very low waveform distortion. The graphical display allows to show an easy to understand one-line diagram displaying the current status of the inverter and of the static switch, thus providing an accurate overview of the alarms and measurements. 


- Clean and stable output AC with THD <2%. 

- Redundant fan system with temperature and air flow control. 

- By-pass static switch. 

- Line Interactive mode efficiency >98%; on-line mode: >93%. 

- Manual by-pass switch, allowing to perform maintenance operations without disconnecting the load. 

- Possibility to supply a non-linear load with minimum distortion thanks to the high-frequency IGBT technology. 

- Fuse protection on both the inverter and the emergency line, with burnt fuse identification and automatic insertion on the functional branch. 

- Wide range of input voltages. 

- Digital microprocessor control (DSP + PLD). 

- Full optical isolation on all the logic and interface cards. 

- Certified to operate in the harshest environment conditions. 

- Overload capacity: 150% for 1 minute, 110% for 2 hours. 

- Shortcircuit-proof architecture. 

- Modbus communication interface through RS232 or RS485 port. 

- Ethernet connectivity. 

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