RCRFn_LC-R 24Vcc, 48Vcc, 110Vcc

Rectifier charger RCRFn_LC-R 24Vcc, 48Vcc and 110Vcc. 10A to 60A 1PH or 3PH.

Applications: industry, energy management and production, transport, safety, automation, petrochemicals


- IGBT Technology

- High frequency PWM control

- Input isolation transformer with electrostatic screen

- Microprocessor control Digital panel with alphanumeric backlit display

- Charging curve for each battery type

- High efficiency

- High reliability

- Extractable 5U rack-format AC/DC module for quick and easy assistance thanks to polarized extractable connectors

- Easy maintenance with access from the front

- Low output ripple

- Extended frequency input range

- Output overload indication

- Acknowledgeable audible alarm

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