RCRFn 28V600A

These new devices are the result of a research and development action undertaken by our company, aimed at achieving maximum reliability and better performance in the field of energy supply systems. It was not chosen to implement only traditional energy conversion systems (isolation transformer with a bridge thyristor), but to combine the flexibility and advance of a digital microcontroller logic. AC/DC conversion unit with thyristor technology and a controlled full bridge configuration. Use in filtered regulated power supply and battery charger with variable voltage from 24Vdc to 31Vdc with adjustment by potentiometer on the front of the unit. Electronic controls make RCRFn rectifiers reliable and increase battery life.



- Tests for air and land mobile services

- Battery charging room

- 28Vdc device startup

- Filtered and regulated high current variable power supply


- Input isolation transformer

- Output L/C filter

- Easy maintenance

- Advanced technical diagnostics 

- Control by microprocessor 

- High cost effective

- Easy to use

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