These devices are the result of careful research and development carried out by our company, aimed at obtaining maximum reliability and the best performance in the field of direct current emergency power systems. The improvements made allow us today to offer a single system that can be proposed in three different basic electrical configurations with IGBT (chopper) or THYRISTOR conversion technology depending on the required currents. The SYSTEM CONTROL is now based on an expandable Industrial PLC, characterized therefore by a very high reliability as well as by a considerable flexibility, it allows to satisfy a greater number of technical needs and consequent applications. 


- Power element: IGBT or THYRISTOR depending on power

- Isolation transformer on AC input line complete with electrostatic shield  between primary and secondary

- System control with Industrial PLC

- 7 " touchscreen panel

- Charging curve for AGM - Pb - Ni-Cd battery

- 3 charging levels including manual charging complete with safety timer

- High MTBF and low MTTR

- Easy maintenance with access from the front

- Low residual ripple in output and on batteries (Ripple)

- 4 fully user programmable alarm relays

- Temperature compensation with PT100 sensor and correction coefficient (Vel / ° c) settable by the user

- Automatic battery test with programmable frequency

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