MultiNET_ATS 50-600A

Redundant system

Power is supplied by 2 separate supply circuits that are fully independent and that can be replaced during normal operation (hot replacement mode)  without any risk of causing power supply interruptions to the load. In the unlikely event of a failure at one of both power supplies, the full operation is provided by the “Power Supply backup” function, which offers auxiliary power supply to the circuits from an external, independent power source. The MultiNET_ATS is equipped with a redundant ventilation system.

Working principle

The MultiNET_ATS allows the load to switch between alternative and independant power sources for guaranteed redundant power. The switch can be automatic (when a source falls outside the acceptable tolerance) or manually through the front panel control.


- High reliability
- Increase the power quality
- Hot swap function
- Automatic static switching
- Superior short circuit protection
- Protection against power supply faults
- Protection against overloads and load faults
- Redundant power mode
- Total control by microprocessor
- Advanced communications LCD display such as status, alarms, informations...
- Power event logging
- Easy static and mechanical transfer to input sources
- 2 years warranty (electronics)

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