Serie REG

Power supply and professional users

The voltage fluctuations are particularly treacherous interferences since they are not seen and can only be detected by using specific instrumentation. When such interferences are present, the electrical equipment seems to maintain correct operation but disguises serious problems that at times are beyond repair. 

Aunilec proposal

The REG stabilisers are registered names of two series of electrodynamic voltage stabilisers that offer a reliable and tested economic solution to inconveniences caused by voltage fluctuations. Their use is a real investment because the elimination of the inconveniences means a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity. Very often it is only necessary to avoid a few minutes machine downtime or just one failure to pay the cost of the stabilizers for itself.

REG stabilizers are particularly suitable for applications that require : 

- high reliability. For example they can be installed in areas with difficult access, subject to critical environmental conditions due to cold, high temperatures, humidity, atmospheric discharges;

- capability to compensate wide mains voltage variations. This is a typical requirement of equipment installed in areas that are far from the distribution transformer substation and in fast developing countries.

- high precision of the stabilised voltage. Ideal condition for calibration and inspection stands, electric furnaces, professional lighting equipment;

- stabilisation of high power users or with high inrush currents like e.g. motors, air conditioners, compressors, pumps;

- simple and limited maintenance. Very important feature where it is difficult to find qualified personnel for servicing;

- wide range of models. According to the ambient conditions, the stabilisers can be supplied in enclosures with protection degree IP00, IP21, IP54 INDOOR, IP54 OUTDOOR.

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